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Strategic Packing: 7 Hacks to More Perfected Travel

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Strategic Packing 7 Hacks to More Perfected Travel

Life is busy, and it seems we’re all looking for ways to live and travel more effectively. The moments up until taking that leap to the airport can prove whirlwindish and packed with last minute to-dos, so strategic packing is a must.

No matter what type of traveler you are or how frequently you travel, simple travel hacks make life a lot easier and put you on the path toward efficient and expert traveler status.

1. Have a “Spontaneity Bag” Ready to Go

Toiletries and other travel essentials can feel laborious to pack again and again. Instead of gathering several small things you need for each trip, prepack a few of your “must-haves” into an accessible bag or pack that you grab before each flight.

Keep your “spontaneity bag” in the same place, so when it’s time to go further afield, you can just grab and go. This makes packing the rest of your things so much easier and faster.

Travel hack spontaneity bag for strategic packing

2. Bundle Your Clothes

Rolling clothes is something some travelers do, but it’s not the only way to save space or keep clothes wrinkle-free. Kate McPherson, director of Utah Valley University’s Honors Program, habitually travels from the US to the UK for conferences and study abroad programs. She swears by this travel strategy and says that bundling saves time. It helps keep clothing ready for whatever adventure or meeting you may (or may not) have scheduled.

This intersectional approach to packing clothes is the ultimate space saver. Laura Sinberg and Joel Holland visually outline this simple step-by-step bundling process in Real Simple, because it really is that simple.

3. Save Your Eyes: Carry Eye Spray

An aircraft’s less than awesome pressurized cabin wreaks havoc on the eyes. Utilizing an eye spray makes all the difference.

An eye spray isn’t messy and won’t make you look emotionally distraught like some eye drops do. Maybe you’re on a red-eye flight or you might have a travel-filled day, but your eyes don’t have to show it. Solutions like Optrex ActiMist are priceless little lifesavers.

4. Pack Portable Chargers for Devices

There are several options for light-weight portable chargers which are imperative to travel success. This way, you can keep devices active and ready, whether you’re working on the go, updating your favorite people along the way, or checking for flight reimbursements if an airline delayed, canceled, or overbooked your flight.


5. Establish an Electronics Pouch

Stow essential chargers, cables, and small electronics in one convenient pouch to make the most of packing space and time. When it comes to strategic packing, you could, for example, re-appropriate an old toiletry bag or use something smaller like a zip-up bag. Convert that into an electronics pouch for more seamless travel. You’ll have all those items in one place and won’t have to fish through multiple pockets in your luggage to find what you’re looking for.

6. Pack the Right Apps into Your Phone

We all know that even in the most populated and seemingly connected places, fluid connectivity can be an obstacle. If you’re going somewhere new, pre-download a city or area map with HERE WeGo, which allows access to addresses and maps without the internet.

You can also boost productivity and enrich your overall travel experiences with top business travel apps.

7. Save Yourself with Spare Socks

Travel is full of hustle and bustle, so strategically pack a spare pair of socks. Take off your shoes after you board the plane (your feet will likely swell during the flight anyway) and put on some fresh socks. They’ll keep your feet warm, help you relax, and make sure that you won’t annoy your travel neighbor with stinky paws that come from navigating the outside world and the airport.

… because it’s about you

These 7 hacks are to make your life more seamless so that you can swiftly and confidently jet off to the airport. If upon arrival, your airline is not as prepared as you are, that’s where we can lighten the load. Just check your flight. You’re ready and so are we.

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