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Second time’s the charm for Brazilian claim compensation

AuthorThe AirHelper

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As the old idiom goes, so should you. AirHelp landed in the Brazilian market this month, which means that your eligibility status may have also changed.

Come back to the AirHelp website to check your eligibility for compensation for your flight disruption. It’s worth a revisit – the Brazilian air passenger rights law entitles up to USD $1,500* per person listed on your booking.

Brazilian travelers – here’s what you need to know about the law

You’ve probably heard of EU regulation EC261 by now. It’s the regulation that states that air passengers must be financially compensated if their flight is canceled, overbooked, or delayed by three hours or more. However, flights disturbed by extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control such as bad weather are not covered under the law.

You could be one of the first clients in Brazil to recoup some cash under these regulations as we evaluate and test all procedures for new customers in the Brazilian market. Thousands of passengers used AirHelp to claim their EU compensation so far, which makes us experts under the corresponding EU regulation. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t qualify as one of those thousands of passengers to receive money back.

As always, if you aren’t compensated by the airline, then you won’t be charged by us. It’s as simple as that.

Important flight information

To start, we need a bit of information regarding your trip:

  1. Your arrival and destination airport
  2. Whether it was a direct flight, or the number of layovers
  3. The reason for the disturbance
  4. The total hours of delay
  5. And a few more other details

That’s all that’s needed to begin your claim process, although more information might be needed as your claim moves through the process. So, why wait any longer? Go out there and get your money.

*This amount has been deducted a service fee from the full compensation amount under the Brazilian regulation. This service fee corresponds to 25% and will only be charged, if we are successful in claiming your compensation.

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