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Scrap dinner! Here are 5 reasons you should have planned to travel for Valentine's Day

AuthorThe AirHelper

If you’re like me, this Valentine’s Day has snuck up on you out of nowhere. Chances are you read that sentence twice while checking your calendar, “it hasn’t”, well it has, Valentine’s day is this Saturday. Unfortunately it’s too late for you to put down reservations for anywhere good, if you haven’t already. But, coincidentally this means the opposite for travel.

Did you just Google some flights?…

Well, okay, maybe you are out of time. I was being hopeful! It’s too late for reservations and probably too late to book a flight. But let’s show our significant others how committed we are by planning for next years Valentine’s Day! We’ll call it a bit of relationship insurance.

So let’s begin, you’re probably itching to know the 5 reasons, you should have planned a trip for Valentine’s Day:

It falls on a weekend

It’s so much easier to go big on Valentine’s Day when it falls on a weekend. You don’t have to worry about getting out of the office early. You can make the whole day intimate instead of just a few hours after work. Now that I think about it, what’s something that could take up a whole weekend but would make for a great experience to share with a loved one? Travel, of course!

It’s a long weekend!(if your company recognizes President’s Day as a holiday)

Another weekend reason. If Valentine’s Day snuck up on you, you probably missed this fact too. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a long weekend (for the lucky). All the reasons I mentioned before apply, and even more so. More time to travel, more time for romance!

There are so many Valentine’s Day travel deals!

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you are looking at it, Valentine’s Day isn’t a historically popular day for travel. While restaurants, flower shops and chocolatiers start to ramp up their prices airlines see no remarkable spike in their customer base. That means airlines are incentivized to drop prices to attract more customers for the season. Many airlines, online travel agents and traditional travel agents offer special Valentine’s Day packages to try to get their own piece of the Valentine’s Day spending pie. And if that’s too much trouble, apps like the Hitlistapp can help curate the trip for you!  In any case, traveling to somewhere new is often a better experience than sitting in a stuffy overpriced restaurant, isn’t it?

It’s original

What did you end up doing last year for Valentine’s Day? Dinner, movie, flowers, chocolates? And the year before? Much of the same? I’m not saying weed these traditional Valentine’s Day expressions out of your life. They can be endearing. But imagine if you added a tropical destination to that list of things, wouldn’t your experience be even more memorable? Or what about a ski trip plus a hot tub. Do you see where I’m going? Travel has a way of amplifying our experiences and an amplified Valentine’s Day experience will definitely get you brownie points!

It’s hassle free (almost)

Back on the topic of those stuffy restaurants. Would you be comfortable sharing with me the favors that you had to give and the hands that you had to shake just to get two seats at that restaurant with a year long waiting list (two year long for Valentine’s Day)? I thought not. That’s a lot of work to be doing for two hours of payback. This one ties right back to Valentine’s Day not being a traditional travel day. It’s not even close to as popular a travel day as say for example, Thanksgiving. You might argue that it’s even less popular a travel day than a typical weekday, because of those restaurants. If there is one thing everyone knows about travel is that the best time to do it, the time it’s most hassle free, is when no one else is doing it!

You should have booked those tickets.

Unfortunately, it is indeed too late. But there is one huge thing it might not be too late for. Remember all the hassle from your recent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s travel. Any recollection of getting delayed, or having your flight get cancelled or overbooked? Remember waiting at the airport for hours because of weather delays? Well luckily you stumbled on this article. Because at Airhelp, we’re all about making travel as hassle-free as possible and about getting you your just desserts if you’ve been hassled in the past. It might be too late to plan a trip but it may not be too late for you to get some money back. Let’s see if you’re eligible to get some! Or if you’re not so sure if you would be, let’s check for you!

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