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Post-Vacation Blues? Add Spice to Your Routine with New Recipes!

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Your trip is over, your bags are unpacked, you settle into your new routine…and suddenly you get hit with the post-vacation blues.

It happens to all of us. Heading home from vacation back to real life is always going to leave us feeling a bit wistful. As if that weren’t bad enough, overindulging on delicious treats while we’re away can crash our systems — making us even more likely to feel blue.

But there are ways to get past the feeling without booking next year’s vacation the second you get home. My favorite tip? Trying new recipes to add spice to my routine!

Overindulgence = A Need for Some Healthy Pick-Me-Ups

When I get home from a long trip, I often find myself with a renewed determination to eat more healthfully, almost as if it were New Year’s Day. That is because when I travel, I tend to overindulge. And you know what? I’m not apologizing for it. If I’m visiting a new place, I like to really experience it for what it is. In my case, that usually means eating as much as I can of the best food that place has to offer.

Give me all the beignets in New Orleans, all the tacos in Austin, all the bagels in NYC!

In case you can’t tell, all of my vacations are centered around food items. (Los Angeles may have a lot going for it, but I really just want to get an In-N-Out Burger.) But combine all of that overeating of mostly unhealthy foods with airport food options, and suddenly your typical air travel dehydration becomes a lot worse. (Even more so if you’re like me and rely on wine to help you sleep on the plane.)

That’s why after my trips, I find myself craving fresh, flavorful and healthy foods. Here’s the thing, though — I want all of that fresh and healthy food, but I don’t necessarily want to be standing in the kitchen for hours as soon as I get home. Traveling is exhausting! So what do I do when I know I want something fast and fresh, but I also know I won’t find exactly what I’m looking for unless I make it myself?

A Fun and Easy Recipe that’ll Perk You Right Back Up


sweet potatoes

I make these beauties! Orange-ginger salmon packets with broccoli, sweet potatoes, and kale. These lifesavers are everything you could want: fresh, healthy, and low maintenance. Pick up the few ingredients that you need for this dish on your way home from the airport to feel like the savvy jet-setter that you are!

Then, when you get home, spend a few short minutes chopping up your veggies while you preheat the oven (perhaps with some relaxing music on in the background), and wrap up the packets so they can do the rest of the hard work for you in the oven.


preparing the salmon

While your dinner is turning into some magical goodness in the oven, you can get busy with more pressing matters, like unpacking, dealing with dirty laundry, and trying to find a spot for those impulse-buy souvenirs. When your salmon packets are ready to be devoured, you can move onto even more important matters: a guilt-free Netflix binge.

Check out the recipe for these tasty orange-ginger salmon packets on my blog, Cake Over Steak!


Wrapping the Orange-Ginger Salmon Packets

What about you? Are there any recipes you have to have when you get home from a trip — or do you need more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Image credit: Robert Cornelius

About the author
By day Sara Cornelius is a graphic artist for a memorial company where she etches illustrations onto gravestones (yes, really). By nights and weekends she works on her illustrated food blog, Cake Over Steak, while trying to make as much delicious food as possible (and working out to make up for all of the sweets she bakes). Her ideal food day would include brownies, pizza, guacamole and cocktails (among other things), with a nap on a warm beach. She lives in Central PA with her husband and their dog, and Philly is her second home.


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