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How One AirHelp Traveler Received $425 for a Delayed Flight

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One of the worst things about a delayed flight is the feeling of helplessness that comes on as we sit and wait (and wish and hope) for our flight to take off soon. Rarely are we lucky enough to find out about delayed flights from home. More often than not we’ve already checked in, made it through security, and comfortably situated ourselves at the gate when the announcement comes on…

….the dreaded announcement that tells us our flight definitely isn’t taking off on time. The announcement that makes us think whatever plans we made for the other end of the flight have suddenly changed. And then we’re left to sit and wait. Rarely are we given any concrete information on the delay, which leaves us in a state of limbo. Should I get up and buy a meal (or a drink) at one of the nicer restaurants at the airport? Should I go back and purchase that book I was eyeing at the newsstand? Or should I sit here and silently will my plane to appear?

As if all that weren’t bad enough, the airport rarely offers us anything to make up for the inconvenience. So we spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a purchase that didn’t turn out as planned, and we’re given nothing more than an apology in return.

That’s what AirHelp is here to fix. We want to show passengers that they’re not helpless in these situations – and that they are often owed much more than an apology.

How One AirHelp Traveler Received $425 for a Delayed Flight

When writer, traveler, pilot (and more!) Connie Sue White set off to Sweden to visit a friend, a wrench in the form of a five hour delay was thrown in her plans. At the time, White didn’t know what to do but sit and wait, but months later she received the compensation that was owed to her.

White made her travel plans through Expedia and AirHelp and Expedia worked together to show White that she could be eligible for compensation. She filed a claim and six months later White had an extra $425 in her pocket. She wrote about the experience on her website and now plans to make AirHelp her first step the next time a flight of hers is disrupted (but hopefully there won’t be a next time!).

How AirHelp Can Work For You

Have you had an experience similar to White’s? Connect AirHelp to your email and we can see if any of your disrupted flights from the past three years could be eligible for compensation. Or, if you’ve recently been through a flight disruption and still have your flight number, file a claim. If your claim is eligible for compensation, we’ll take it from there (only getting paid if you do).

As much as we want to, we can’t change the way airlines operate overnight. But we can make sure passengers receive the compensation owed to them in the case of disrupted flights! Don’t let a disrupted flight throw a wrench in your plans – we can help you get your money back.

Image Credit: Thomas Rousing

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