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How does AirHelp keep data safe for passengers?

AuthorThe AirHelper

Trust is key at AirHelp. Although it’s not always easy to secure customer data in this new age of technology, we make every effort to ensure all information is protected.

Data is used as Internet currency for companies to share information and target certain users, and we have a number of ways to keep our data safe and secure on behalf of our customers and partners.

We’ve got the law on our side

At its core, AirHelp is a claims service that enables individuals to take action against airlines with the full weight of the law on their behalf. Therefore, we know the ins and outs of running a business while strictly adhering to the law. Not only do we have a robust legal department that is well-versed in the law, we go to great lengths to educate the public of their rights under the legislation.

In fact, our back-end data processing is done in accordance to EU law and is a large part of our agreement with our partners. We have to have these precautions in place before we partner with any other companies by law–and we’re happy to provide that extra measure of security for increased trust.

The data stays in the EU

Keeping the data safe means keeping it all in one place and on a singular, secure server based in Ireland. Neither passengers, OTAs, TMCs or customers need to worry whether passengers’ information will be released.

OTAs who work with us continue to own their data. In order to reach our goal of combining mail conversion to cash, our system allows for both privacy and the use of information. AirHelp only ever accesses customers’ emails in order to find the names and email addresses of customers to file potential claims on their behalf. Those passengers who opt out of filing a claim will have their data removed from the server.

The time is now for your company to integrate with AirHelp–we’ve worked with a number of partners of all sizes in both the United States and the EU.

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