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Getting to know AirHelp!

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Our 50th Employee, Joanna Błoszyk, member of AirHelp’s Claim and Airline Team

If you look at any company who’s doing exceptionally well in the business world they all have one key thing in common. These companies all have great employees. Companies like Hubspot and Zappos have all identified the core sentiment to ensuring customer satisfaction and delight. This core sentiment lies in employee satisfaction and empowerment. Happy employees help make for happy customers.

At AirHelp our business is driven by customer happiness and so we hold both our employees and customers in high esteem.

And, we’re not just saying that! Here Joanna Błoszyk tells us what it’s like to be joining the AirHelp team as the 50th employee! 

Why AirHelp?

I wanted to be a part of a fast growing company, somewhere that I felt that my work would  make a difference to the whole organization. The AirHelp team is like a strong chain, every individual on the team forms a link in that chain and every link is important. I’m happy to be an integral link in that chain. I am also really passionate about the mission. At Airhelp we believe strongly in enabling everyone to assert their legal rights. We help by eliminating bureaucracy and taking away the pain of doing the extensive paperwork that comes with filing a claim for compensation after your flight has been delayed, overbooked or cancelled. 

Why do you support AirHelp’s mission?

Before I joined AirHelp I didn’t know it was so difficult to get rightful compensation. Now I see how many steps and people you have to go through to get your compensation, and I think “no wonder it takes a long time.” At AirHelp we get rid of that!  I am always happy to tell my friends and family what we do. We make sure that they don’t have to deal with that process themselves. At AirHelp we take care of all that! 

What is the best thing about your job?

I really like having the ability to be constantly in contact and engaged with people, clients as well as my colleagues. The best thing is the friendly atmosphere and our company culture. Everyone is very willing to help each other, and I think that that desire to help is sensed by our customers. At the same time it is so exciting to be a part of a company with a dynamic development where I have the ability to make a significant difference to the team as a whole.  

There you’ve heard it! Employee success is at the heart of our business and these employees help us, to help you!

About Us

Every year 8.1 million passengers leave $3.2 billion dollars worth of compensation dollars on the table. At AirHelp we empower passengers around the world. Ensuring everyone access to secure compensation over delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. We engage with airlines on behalf of millions of passengers, to ensure the claims process is completed with efficiency and expertise. Our goal is to make claiming compensation as easy and seamless as possible!

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