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From claims received to customer retained

AuthorThe AirHelper

AirHelp is the premier service assisting passengers who seek compensation from airlines should their flight be delayed, canceled or overbooked while traveling in EU airspace and on an EU carrier. At first blush, it may seem that we’re in the business of taking money from the airlines. In actuality, what we’re doing is providing a level of customer service that the airline could not achieve on its own. By helping passengers, we’re also helping the airlines – and their partners by extension – by delivering a positive experience that the passenger didn’t expect or believe to be possible.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider that fewer than 1% of all flights are disrupted. We’re talking about a very small number of passengers who are even affected, much less eligible. It’s undeniably a small slice of a large pie, but this slice is rich with potential to help retain passengers who would otherwise become jaded from the airline’s consistent, albeit unintentional, mishaps.

Why AirHelp

We all know that time is money. This is why AirHelp saves time on behalf of the passenger by sending their eligible claim directly to the airline. It should go without saying that we thoroughly vet all claims inquiries to ensure we only send eligible claims to the airlines, keeping the airline’s trust while helping passengers at the same time.

AirHelp saves time on behalf of the airline, too. We do so by offering to completely or partially outsource the claims process, which saves money on internal teams in the short-term and further cost savings on processing costs for airlines in the long-run.

Consider one more thing: even if every single passenger who was onboard the 1% of disrupted flights were eligible for compensation under the European Regulation EC261, the dispersion of the payouts would total only a single dollar per ticket offered by every airline across the entire industry.

How processing means caring

AirHelp is in the business of turning the legal claims issue into a customer retention strategy. Unhappy passengers are the customers who make the most noise and who tell their friends their tales of woe. They’re also the ones who post the most negative reviews to the Internet. This hurts everyone in the airline supply chain.

Airlines are legally required to give cash compensation for eligible flights, but the way this is communicated to the passenger varies by carrier. A lack of due diligence can lead to negative Net Promoter Scores and a feeling of ill will.

AirHelp isn’t fighting the airlines. Instead, we’re working closely with them for the benefit of everyone. We promote the benefit of all parties — the airline, the passenger, and any affiliate who is managing the relationship between them. There is no good or bad role in the equation as we’re all strategic partners together.

The first step to preventing a domino effect of a passenger’s ‘negative noise’ is to offer proactive support. Passengers who are on eligible flights will receive an automatic email from us and/or our partners that explains how the claims process is easy, intuitive and transparent. If eligible, they’ll be offered an option to get money back. As if by magic, the passenger be happy with their fortune as opposed to having a bad taste in his/her mouth about their disrupted flight experience. In general, the airline can bank on the fact that it will be seeing this passenger again. A secondary effect is that any affiliate will maintain its relationship with both the passengers and the airlines. And AirHelp will be the vessel to achieve it all.

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