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Flight Taxes and Fees: AirHelp teams up with flight tax refund service,

AuthorThe AirHelper

As our quest for relieving the potential headaches that can come with traveling continues, we have joined forces with tax refund service Airtaxback in order to offer you help in getting back Taxes, Fees and Charges if you for some reason never went on a scheduled flight. This could be due to any reason: canceled flight, sickness, or even if you simply were late for the flight.

In their own words

“ is an online service to help passengers get their Taxes, Fees and Charges back and also to try to persuade some airlines to improve their practices in this area. Most people also don’t realize that they’re legally entitled to a refund of a significant portion of those Taxes Fees and charges. We estimate that in 2012 alone, airlines flying in and out of Europe held on to over €3.5 Billion in Taxes, Fees and Charges belonging to passengers that booked a flight but didn’t travel”

We are looking forward to working with the great people from AirTaxBack as this is one more area where most passengers are currently unaware of their rights and are met with indifference when trying to claim themselves.

You can learn more about or get them to help you by clicking this link:

Learn More about Airtaxback

Happy travels!
The AirHelp team

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