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CheapTickets vs Convenience: The Low Cost Airline vs Traditional Airline Debate

AuthorThe AirHelper

This year has been flying by fast, pun intended. Before we know it it will be summer and you will be on that dream holiday you’ve been so diligently planning. You’ve found the best most reasonably priced hotels, drawn stars around the notable attractions and you’ve watched that destination specific rerun only about one hundred times. You are rearing to go. But there’s one question left to be answered. Which flight should you take? There’s the flight with cheaptickets on the infamously troublesome low cost carrier that stops in 30 places and the more expensive direct flight on the traditional carrier. Do you save some money on the budget airline? Or do you save yourself the hassle on the traditional airline? Is a budget airline necessarily more troublesome than a traditional carrier? All these questions are running through your mind and guess what, you still haven’t bought your ticket yet.

Since we want you to be having the time of your life. Let’s help you answer some of those niggling questions! Check out this infographic from

Budget Airlines vs Full Service

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