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Charter flight season means delays for over 200 thousand UK passengers

AuthorThe AirHelper

Last year’s summer season summed up to almost 2,5 % of UK charter flights delayed by over three hours. The number has lowered compared to 2012, which is good news. However, out of 56 thousands charter flights analyzed, 840 were delayed by over three hours! It means up to 200 thousands passengers eligible for compensation of up to €600. Mind that this is just passengers taking charter flights from UK airports. website has gathered and analyzed data concerning last year’s charter airline punctuality at UK airports from April to October and compared it to some past data. The average delay for UK charter flights saw some improvement. For the UK reporting airports (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London: City, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted) the delays have reduced by 43% in the last three years from an average of 28.5 minutes in summer 2010 to just 16.2 minutes in summer 2013. This is great news!

 Even though the on-time performance for UK charter carriers was 78% on average, delays remain a huge problem for thousands of air passengers. As we read in the same report, even if the average delay time is as low as 16 minutes, for the largest UK charter airline i.e. Thomson Airways it has gone up by over 13 percent.  

 The 2014 charter flights season has just started in Europe, as June, July and August traditionally are the most busy months for European charter airlines. It is worth remembering that if your charter flight is delayed by three hours and more, you are entitled to up to €600 compensation per passenger. If we take into account that charter flights usually serve us as the most convenient means of transportation to take us for family holidays, the compensation per family might be worth fighting for.




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