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Best Travel Apps

7 Best Travel Apps to Take You Around the World and Back

AuthorThe AirHelper

You check Twitter early in the morning for quick insights, plug in your headphones for some Spotify on the commute and check off your things to do on your calendar throughout the day. When it comes to making your life easier, you’ve got an app for that!

But there’s always been something about the spontaneity of travel that makes using apps to optimize it all seem a little off. I mean, who wants to have fun more efficiently?

These travel apps aren’t necessarily about streamlining a process but instead accentuating the experience. They make for #hasslefreetravel. So let’s check them out!

The Best Travel Apps

Discover with Hitlist

The first step in an awesome travel experience is to figure out where to go. For the lucky few, you have a place in mind from a travel blog you’ve read or you pinned a fantasy location on Pinterest. For others, this might be the hardest step. If you are not plugged in to the world of travel or if you aren’t too picky about when you go, Hitlist is an awesome app to check out. The app has a brilliant interface that allows you to choose where you’d like to go from a set of locations with beautiful pictures. Once you’ve selected places of interest from the list, Hitlist forwards you some of the best deals for these locations.

Plan with Kayak

The next step is actually paying for that ticket. If you want to get a little more specific with your purchasing and flight options, Kayak is your saviour. The app allows you to search for, compare and book flights, hotels and rental cars. Pretty straightforward, right?

Organize with Tripit

You’ve purchased your tickets from Kayak, your travel deadline is approaching and you’ve got emails from the airline, Kayak, the hotel, the rental car agency, your mom and grandma in your inbox. So many alerts would make anyone feel a little overwhelmed. Tripit’s speciality is organizing your complete travel itinerary in one place. So you don’t need to worry about pulling up that email from 6 weeks ago, while simultaneously searching for your check-in confirmation that arrived yesterday.

Track with Flightaware

It’s a few hours before your flight and you’re super excited to get going. All your bags are packed. You’ve pulled up your itinerary with Tripit on your phone. You’ve booked with Kayak and discovered with Hitlist. Now it’s time to wait. If you’re like me, you need to have something to obsessively check to make sure all of your plans are moving smoothly. This is where Flightaware comes in. If you want to see the numbers that your pilot is seeing, for example whether the flight before yours is delayed or not, this is the place to start. It’s already saved me a few times from getting to the airport early, only to hear my flight’s been delayed.

Stay mobile with Uber

You made it! If you’re very lucky and your destination is on this list. It might be time to pull out your phone and get yourself an Uber. No need to haggle with the local taxi men in a language you only kind-of know. Plug in your final destination and wait for that hassle free-ride to your hotel! Side-benefit: no mentally converting currencies on the ride over!

Explore with Foursquare

I know, you tried it once a couple of years ago and it left a little to be desired. The whole gamifying your everyday life thing just didn’t cut it. But, you’re traveling and Foursquare provides a list of places that you should check out. I pulled up a search for Barcelona, where I had spent a layover last year and subsequently had to pinch myself. I spent most of my six hours walking around aimlessly. If I’d had Foursquare then I would have known that one left turn could have led me to cheap wine and tapas. But I didn’t, and so my Barcelona experience was incomplete. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Reflect with Instagram

Hopefully you didn’t get to the end of your trip without capturing some memories via Instagram. I can only guess that you took many photos. You’ve added many filters and you’ve overused many hashtags. I won’t judge you. The Monday morning after your trip, you’ll be scrolling down your Instagram profile wondering if it was all just a dream, and you know it wasn’t because it’s all there!


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