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10 Things NOT to Do When You Fly

AuthorThe AirHelper

We’ve all been through it. We get to the airport, we’re excited to fly, and then one person’s actions make us question all of humanity.

You know…”that guy.” (And in this case, “guy” can be guy, girl, woman, man, young, old, doesn’t matter.) The one that stuffs his luggage in the overhead bin ten rows ahead of his seat. The one who refuses to turn her phone off until the flight attendant has to come up to her personally to tell her to do it (after the fifth announcement). The one who repeatedly kicks the back of your seat throughout the flight. The one who has to push ahead to get off the flight…even though they’ll be sitting at baggage claim like everyone else ten minutes later.

Traveling is fun. Flying…flying can be rough sometimes. And people who choose to ignore proper plane etiquette when they fly make the experience worse for everyone else. But they so often seem oblivious to the fact! That’s why we created this video.

If you’ve ever wondered if your behavior fits into the rules of proper plane etiquette, watch this video. We go through the 10 most annoying things our fellow passengers can do as a reminder to all of us to be more considerate when we’re sitting in a tiny vestibule in the air. Review the video closely and share with your friends – together we can make flying a better experience for everyone!

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