🎉 Not planning on traveling soon? Buy now from €19.99, activate when you want (was €29.99)

🎉 Not planning on traveling soon? Buy now from €19.99, activate when you want (was €29.99)

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Smiling couple using AirHelp+ on their smartphone. The AirHelp+ screen shows how they can see data about upcoming flights, book a remote doctor appointment, or contact customer support.

Trustpilot 4.7/5 based on 102,234 reviews

Get the support you deserve for flight issues

AirHelp+ gets you up to €600 compensation, live advice, and refunds for delays, cancellations, luggage issues, and more.

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Offer: buy now from €19.99
Starts when you need it.

AirHelp enforces EU Regulation EC 261


Join AirHelp+ today

Buy today and then relax, knowing your future flights will be cared for, whenever you’re ready to fly again.


Activate when you want

You tell us when you’re flying next. Your membership lasts 12 months from your first flight’s departure date.


Enjoy AirHelp+ benefits

Access your dedicated AirHelp+ area to keep track of future flights, start claims, chat with us, and much more.


Get money back following flight issues

We check exactly what you’re owed under local and international laws. That’s everything from compensation to refunds for essential costs like hotels and food. We handle all the hard work, and you’ll receive every cent we can claim for you.

Up to €600 compensation

No matter where you call home, with AirHelp+ you get full cash compensation for every eligible delay, cancellation, and overbooking.

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Customer uses their smartphone to contact AirHelp+ live chat. Phone screen shows 3 suggested questions: My flight is delayed - what are my rights? My luggage was lost, what can I do? How do I submit a claim for compensation?


Receive real-time advice from the experts

It’s confusing when a flight is delayed or canceled, and difficult to know what to do next. Our team is here to help with practical advice before, during, and after a flight disruption.

See Our PlansCustomer uses their smartphone to contact AirHelp+ live chat. Phone screen shows 3 suggested questions: My flight is delayed - what are my rights? My luggage was lost, what can I do? How do I submit a claim for compensation?


Relax with airport lounge access

Whenever you do have to wait at an airport, do it in comfort. With our Complete plan you’ll get access to premium airport lounges (worth up to €35) for every delay over an hour — no matter where in the world you’re flying.

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Spacious and open plan premium lounge at an airport.
Examples of a tablet and smartphone screen showing a doctor and patient in an online medical consultation.


Book online doctor’s appointments

Choose AirHelp+ Complete to get additional access to free-of-charge online medical consultations and prescriptions when traveling abroad.

Examples of a tablet and smartphone screen showing a doctor and patient in an online medical consultation.

With consultations on the go when you’re traveling abroad, all you need is your smartphone.

Have doctors available when you need advice, diagnosis, or treatment — including prescriptions and medical notes.

Avoid the confusion of navigating an unfamiliar healthcare system. Plus, no chance of exposure to illness at a doctor’s office.

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Buy now, starts when you need it

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per passenger, billed annually

Compensation claims up to €600

Expenses claims up to €6,000

Luggage claims up to €1,400

Assistance with flight refunds

Live chat support

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effectively €1.66 per month!



per passenger, billed annually

All AirHelp+ Essential benefits

Airport lounge access

Range of lounge amenities included in the entry price

Remote doctor’s appointments

Prescriptions and medical notes

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effectively €4.16 per month!

No matter where you’re flying. No matter the ticket price or airline.

Trustpilot 4.7/5 based on 102,234 reviews

Join 16 million air passengers we’ve helped

a day ago

I am completely satisfied as my case was denied by the airline a year ago but AirHelp continued working on it and finally we got paid. Great Service, I recommend it to anybody


a day ago

Super easy to use tool! Always gave regular feedback on the status of my complaint and even though the airline took nearly two years to reply, AirHelp was always here! Great service!


a day ago

AirHelp Thanks for our help with the my process to get my compensation. I advise everybody to work with your company it was very helpful and correct.

Belmira Magalhaes

a day ago

So fast respond and they resolved my problem with a delay flight, I have received my compensation of 200€ a month later. Thank you AirHelp! Will strongly recommend it!

Denitsa Stefanova

2 days ago

Awesome, they get me the flight compensation it took 1 year

Ricardo Miguel

2 days ago

Best service, quick and easy. Thank you Air help, you are the best.

Benjamin UM

7 million


Over 7 million flights are disrupted worldwide every year.



Thousands of people suffer severe flight delays or cancellations every day.



Most air passengers don’t know their rights.

Sources: flight traffic data and online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH.


Frequently asked questions

AirHelp+ provides you with access to all AirHelp services, such as confirming eligibility for compensation and claiming compensation for delayed, canceled, and overbooked flights.

AirHelp+ customers also have access to the following additional services:

  • Claiming compensation for damaged or lost luggage.
  • Claiming compensation for any additional expenses incurred due to a flight disruption.
  • Live chat support before, during, or after a flight disruption.
  • Remote doctor’s appointments (with AirHelp+ Complete).
  • Airport lounge access when flights are delayed (with AirHelp+ Complete).

We will process all claims for AirHelp+ users free of charge, in line with our terms and conditions.

AirHelp+ is a prepaid service from AirHelp that gives customers full access to AirHelp’s expertise, should a flight disruption occur.

There are two levels of AirHelp+ coverage.


  • All usual AirHelp fees are waived for AirHelp+ customers.
  • Dedicated live chat service offering passengers advice and assistance.
  • Professional flight claim services, including claims for delay and cancellation compensation, extra expenses, and luggage issues.


  • Includes all of the above.
  • Remote doctor’s consultations when you travel abroad.
  • Airport lounge access when flights are delayed.

AirHelp+ covers a minimum period of 12 months. You can cancel at any point during the year, and AirHelp+ will not renew when your current 12-month period ends.

A remote doctor is a way of consulting with a doctor either via video, phone, or instant messenger. Just like when you go to the doctor’s practice, they can diagnose a wide range of issues and issue prescriptions and medical notes.

This service is provided by Telemedico, an intuitive telemedical platform that offers remote consultations with doctors of various specialties via the internet or telephone, with 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

Your AirHelp+ membership will be active as soon as you add the details of your next flight to your dedicated AirHelp+ area. Your membership will then last 12 months from the departure date of your first flight.

Yes, AirHelp+ is available worldwide and supports all air passengers no matter where they are flying, or where they call home.

We make use of a wide range of international air passenger rights laws including Europe’s Regulation EC 261, the Montreal Convention, and ANAC 400 in Brazil, to ensure we offer all travelers the support and compensation assistance they deserve.

If you purchase AirHelp+ Complete you are entitled to premium lounge access at the airport if your flights are delayed by over 1 hour.

In order to use this benefit you must have added your flight details in your dedicated AirHelp+ area before the scheduled departure time. You’ll have access to this area after you purchase AirHelp+.

If your flight is confirmed to be delayed over an hour, you can make use of the premium lounge facilities at your airport. Pay for lounge entrance at the airport, and we will reimburse you the cost of access (up to €35) — you just need to show us the receipt.

This benefit can be used once per delayed flight, and up to a maximum of 3 times in a year.

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AirHelp is a part of the Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) whose mission is to promote and protect passengers’ rights.

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