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      Delayed and canceled flights

      Didn’t get to your destination on time? Our specialists work for you, to get you up to $700 in compensation.

      Delayed and canceled flights

      Didn’t get to your destination on time? Our specialists work for you, to get you up to $700 in compensation.

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      Trustpilot 4.6/5 based on 104,558 reviews

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      7 hours ago

      At beginning i was sceptic…….airbaltic was late on a flight out of Georgia and we missed the continued flight from Riga to Copenhagen. Airbaltic offered us a 5 euro voucher for a cup of coffee while waiting 4,5 hours for the next flight. Airhelp took the case and even i did not believe they would be succesfull we got a 500 euro refund to our bank account. Thanks to airhelp for the efforts, great job

      Jan Olsen

      Hvidovre, DK

      12 hours ago

      AirHelp was instrumental in helping me getting some compensation for my canceled flight. Without them I wouldn't have received anything. I appreciated their tenacity in seeing it through--took a year and a half but they still came through for me.

      Melissa Hovis

      14 hours ago

      I had problems with some companies and thanks to Aurhelp I received a compensation. Everything easy and quick! Airhelp is definitely a company you can trust.

      Julio Sendra Morant

      16 hours ago

      I received my money and I am very satisfied with the work of AirHelp. It takes many months, but maybe this is the only way. My only part was giving them all my documents from the case. One more time Thank You AirHelp!

      Alexander Razmov

      19 hours ago

      Best company ever! They always get your money, even when you had no idea that you even had the right to get some due to cancelled flight!

      Melanie Mariette Muljar

      a day ago

      So glad they took control of this, I thought I would get an email saying sorry, but instead it was money coming your way. Kept me informed and I now appreciate the long arduous process.

      Faith Bevan

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      Claim up to $700 for your delayed or canceled flight.

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