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AirHelp checks if you are entitled to compensation Check if you can get compensation for your disrupted flight

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Submit your details and we run a quick flight check to see if the airline owes you money.

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Compensation for your disrupted flight Receive money for your delayed, canceled or overbooked flight

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We get it to you as quickly as we can, with regular updates along the way.

Know your rights as an air passenger Your air passenger rights

Know Your Rights

Even though 8 million people around the world are eligible for compensation, less than 2% understand what they’re entitled to. We want to give the power back to the travelers. It’s time to Know Your Rights.

Flight Delays What are your rights if your flight is delayed?
Flight Delays
Flight Cancellations What are your rights if your flight is canceled?
Flight Cancellations
Missed Connections What are your rights if you miss your connecting flight?
Missed Connections
Luggage Problems What are your rights if your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed after your flight?
Luggage Problems
AirHelp Score 2018 Airlines and airports ranking at AirHelp Score

AirHelp Score 2019

AirHelp Score compares the major airlines and airports for definitive global rankings. We’ll help you find the best route for your journey, because air travel is about more than just the price of a ticket.

Airline Score Best airlines for passengers Airline Ranking
AirHelp Airline Score medal Best airline worldwide

Qatar Airways

American Airlines


Airport score Best airports for passengers Airport Ranking
AirHelp Airline Score medal Best airline worldwide

Hamad International Airport

Tokyo International Airport

Athens International Airport

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