Athens International Airport (ATH)

Athens, Greece

ATH Flight Delays and Flight Cancellations


On-Time Performance

On-time performance for nearby airports

Nearby AirportOn-Time Performance
Thessaloniki (SKG)
Irakleion (HER)
Thira (JTR)
Flight Delay Compensation

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Flights from ATH

1. Swiss
2. Lufthansa
3. Ryanair
4.Olympic Air
5.Aegean Airlines

Most Popular Flight Routes

Delayed or Cancelled Flight Routes from ATH

1.ATH to DUB (Dublin, Dublin, Ireland Republic of)80%
2.ATH to LGW (London Gatwick Airport, London , United Kingdom)45%
3.ATH to JTY (Astypalaia Island, Astypalaia Island, Greece)42%

Had a flight delay from ATH in the last 3 years? You could be eligible to claim compensation.

Did you know that any delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you’ve taken in the last 3 years could be eligible for compensation from the airline? Wherever you’re flying from -- EU, US or international, you have unique passenger rights for the region.

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Baggage Claim Issues

Baggage Claim Issues at ATH

If you’ve lost your baggage or your luggage was delayed or damaged, you could be entitled to compensation from your airline. Learn more about your rights to compensation and what steps you should take when you experience a luggage-related issue.
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