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Did you have a delayed or canceled flight?

Get up to €600 compensation per passenger, no matter the ticket price. No win, no fee!

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AirHelp protects air passenger rights

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We solve more flight problems

As the world’s largest flight compensation company, we work across more countries, and can help in more situations than anyone else.

Canceled flights

Flight canceled with little notice? You could be entitled to up to €600 compensation on top of your refund.

Flight delays

If you were delayed over 3 hours, see if our specialists can get you up to €600 in compensation.

Missed connections

Claim compensation if you landed at your final destination over 3 hours late through no fault of your own.

Uncooperative airlines

Airline ignoring or rejecting your claim? We independently check claim validity and hold airlines to account.

no win, no fee

We only get paid when you do

Our fee is deducted from the compensation we win for you, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Our standard fee is 35%, or 50% if your case goes to court. See our fees

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We’re the world’s largest air passenger rights organization, here to help passengers since 2013.

2.3 M

We’ve helped 2.3 million passengers receive their compensation.


Our network of law firms spans over 35 countries and jurisdictions.


Dedicated support from our team of over 400 professionals.


We can help in 19 languages.

€100 when your flight’s disrupted

€100 for a lost or delayed bag

Lounge access during a disruption

No fees deducted from your compensation

Dedicated 24/7 support

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We've helped 2.3 million people get paid compensation

Communication was excelent!


It was an good service.

Raisal Paraveli Moideen

The process was very fast. The communication was great.


The company was very helpful

Enea Kellezi

Amazing. Fast and simple way of getting the compensation that you are do. It is really intuitive and takes no time. It takes all the hassle of you trying to do things by yourself

José Pedro Gonçalves

I recently used AirHelp's services to claim compensation for a flight delay, and overall, my experience was positive. Here's what stood out: **Ease of Use:** AirHelp's website and mobile app are user-friendly and straightforward. Submitting my claim was easy; I just had to input my flight details and relevant information, and they took care of the rest. **Communication:** I appreciated their prompt communication throughout the process. I received updates via email and notifications on the app, which kept me informed about the status of my claim. **Claim Success:** They successfully managed to secure compensation for me within a reasonable timeframe. The process was hassle-free on my end, and I received my compensation directly to my bank account as promised. **Customer Service:** While I didn't need extensive customer service assistance, the interactions I had were professional and helpful. They were responsive to my inquiries and provided clear explanations when needed. **Transparency:** Throughout the entire process, AirHelp was transparent about their fees, the likelihood of success, and what was required from me as a customer. There were no hidden costs or surprises. Overall, AirHelp delivered on their promise to assist with flight compensation claims effectively. While the process could be slightly more streamlined in terms of document submission, their professionalism and successful outcome outweighed any minor inconveniences. I would recommend AirHelp to anyone seeking assistance with flight compensation claims.

Emina Zekotic

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AirHelp is a part of the Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) whose mission is to promote and protect passengers’ rights.


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