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Inbox scanner

  • Is there any possibility that using the inbox scanner could compromise the security of my computer?

    Security is just as important to us as it is to you. We are authorized by Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo and thus our security protocol has been cleared by the same providers you trust your email to. You should not encounter any problems while using The inbox scanner.
  • Is there any cost of using your inbox scanner?

    Nope! The inbox scanner is free!
  • Can I add multiple email accounts for scanning?

    In addition to the email address used to sign up for your AirHelp account, you can as many Gmail addresses as you like, as well as one additional Outlook or Yahoo email address. However, email addresses cannot be added if they are already associated with any other AirHelp account.
  • My email provider is not on your list of supported providers. What can I do?

    The inbox scanner currently works with Gmail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook. You can also connect your TripIt account. If you’re using a different email provider and would like to suggest adding it to the supported list, please send us an email to [email protected]!
  • How can I remove the inbox scanner’s access to my inbox?

    You can remove the inbox scanner’s access to your inbox anytime. Simply follow the instructions below, based on your particular email provider. If you have a Google account, go to, select AirHelp and click "Remove Access". If you have an Outlook or Hotmail account connected, go to Select "Edit" under AirHelp and click "Remove these permissions".
  • Why didn’t the inbox scanner find any flights?

    Sometimes there are cases in which the inbox scanner doesn’t find any flights. The two most likely scenarios are:
    • There is no flight related information in your mailbox
    • The flight information was forwarded to you from an email that’s not included in the list of providers the scanner supports (such as airlines and online travel agencies like Expedia)
  • How does the inbox scanner work?

    The inbox scanner searches for flight confirmation emails sent from airlines, online travel agencies (such as Expedia), and other partners. These emails don’t need to be in your inbox, our scanner also searches archived mail. The scanner looks for flight confirmation numbers only - no personal information is scanned - and uses that to see if any of your past flights were disrupted. If they were, we’ll calculate the potential payout and ask you if you’d like to file a claim for compensation. If you say no, we won’t file a claim. It’s that simple!
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