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Documents and Privacy

  • Is there any possibility that using the inbox scanner could compromise the security of my computer?

    Security is just as important to us as it is to you. We are authorized by Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo and thus our security protocol has been cleared by the same providers you trust your email to. You should not encounter any problems while using The inbox scanner.
  • How can I remove the inbox scanner’s access to my inbox?

    You can remove the inbox scanner’s access to your inbox anytime. Simply follow the instructions below, based on your particular email provider. If you have a Google account, go to, select AirHelp and click "Remove Access". If you have an Outlook or Hotmail account connected, go to Select "Edit" under AirHelp and click "Remove these permissions".
  • What’s a booking reference number and where can I find it?

    This is assigned to you by the airline upon booking the ticket, and can be found on your e-ticket/ booking confirmation document. This number helps the airline to find and process your claim. Look for a 6-character code—any combination of letters or numbers. Some airlines may refer to this number as a PNR or Record Locator.
  • What is a flight confirmation and where can I find it?

    Your flight confirmation is what the airline sends to you after you’ve purchased a flight ticket. This often comes in the form of an e-ticket (electronic ticket) emailed to you by the airline or the website you used to book the flight. Because of this, your flight confirmation can be found in your email inbox. If you fear you may have deleted that email, search for the airline name or the website you used to book the flight in both your inbox and trash folder. Read all the emails that come up. The email containing your flight confirmation will have the following:
    • your flight date(s) and time(s)
    • your name and any other passengers’ names (if you purchased for a group of people)
    • the booking reference number
  • Do you share my information with others?

    No information is shared with any third party without your permission. You may contact us at any time and request that your information is deleted.
  • What happens to my documents once you have them? Is it secure?

    We comply with EU data protection laws, so your data is safe with us.
  • Why do AirHelp need documents such as e-ticket or ID?

    We need the e-ticket to confirm your purchase of the flight. The copy of the picture ID is required by some airlines to verify your signature on the Assignment Form.
  • Why does AirHelp require Assignment Form?

    Assignment Form authorises AirHelp to undertake all appropriate legal (judicial and extrajudicial) measures to collect the compensation from the airline on your behalf.
  • Which documents do I need to provide in order to claim?

    Signed Assignment Form Copy of e-ticket(s) Confirmation of the delay/cancellation from the airline if possible We will ask for the necessary documents after you have filed your claim.
  • What is the assignment form?

    The Assignment Form assigns your claim to AirHelp and smoothens the process of collecting the compensation from the airlines. It is used only for the purpose of collecting compensation.
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