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    How do I know if I’m entitled to compensation?

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    Documents and Privacy

    • What is a flight confirmation and where can I find it?

      Your flight confirmation is emailed to you by the airline or website you used to book the flight, so it should be in your inbox. If you can’t find it, try searching your inbox for the airline name or website. It will contain your flight date(s), your name and the booking reference number.

    • What’s a booking reference and how can I find it?

      This is assigned to you by the airline when you make your booking and can be found on your e-ticket or booking confirmation. This number helps the airline to find and process your claim. Look for a 6-character code, a combination of letters or numbers. Some airlines may refer to this number as a PNR or Record Locator.

    • What is a “rerouting confirmation” and where can I find it?

      A rerouting or rebooking confirmation is a document that confirms your flight has been replaced with an alternative connection.

      It can either be an e-ticket you received after your flight was canceled, or if we only need a confirmation, you may provide a receipt for something you purchased at the destination airport. Example receipts include a luggage tag, a text message or e-mail from the airline, or a boarding pass for your alternative flight. Just make sure that the date and time or flight number are visible on your receipt.

      As you know, the EC 261 regulation puts great emphasis on the duration of a delay. Therefore, we sometimes need to double check the exact length of your delay. This way, we can more strategically respond to a variety situations including when an airline rejects your claim citing the delay was not severe enough or when we are about to take legal steps to support our stance in court.

    • I don’t have my e-ticket/boarding pass anymore, what do I do?

      At different stages of your claim, we will most likely need your e-ticket. We request an e-ticket, either to confirm details in relation to your case or because the airline requires it to process the case.

      Your e-ticket should have been sent after booking your ticket. Typically, e-ticket is sent to the e-mail you specified during the booking process, so take a look through your inbox or inboxes. You can also try checking on the airline’s website: it will usually let you download your e-ticket again after logging in with details such as a booking reference, e-mail address, your name, surname, etc.

      As for a boarding pass, there are certain airlines and courts that require a boarding pass in order to carry out the proceedings. Although we fully believe you, the courts or airlines sometimes need convincing that you checked in or boarded the plane.

      If you no longer have your boarding pass, please contact the airline or your Online Travel Agency (if you used one) and request a boarding certificate – it works just as well!

    • Who should sign documents on behalf of minors?

      These can be signed by a parent or legal guardian, preferably with an annotation of “on behalf of…”. Some documents should be signed by both parents. We understand that this isn’t always possible, in which case please reply to one of our emails and we’ll try and find a solution.

    • You asked me to send some documents - how do I do that?

      There are three ways to upload your documents. The first is via your AirHelp Dashboard by dragging and dropping the files on your computer into the document upload section. Or, you can simply reply to any email we send you and attach the files.

    • Why are you asking me for so much information?

      We try to handle your claim by asking for information only when necessary and we ask for your booking confirmation so that we don’t compromise your privacy. You have the best, first-hand knowledge of what happened to your flight, but if you can’t find the confirmation, the only alternative is to contact the airline directly.

    • Can I change my email address?

      Yes – you can either reply to an e-mail we’ve sent you or contact us via the Dashboard here.

    • How can I delete my account?

      Please contact us via the Dashboard here.

    • Do you share my information with others?

      No information is shared with any third party without your permission. Nevertheless, you can contact us at any time and request that your information is deleted. We understand and respect the importance of privacy.

    • What happens to my documents once you have them? Is it secure?

      We fully comply with all EU data protection laws, so your data is safe with us.

    • Why does AirHelp need documents such as an e-ticket or ID?

      We need the e-ticket to confirm your purchase of the flight, while the copy of the picture ID is required by some airlines to verify your signature on the assignment form.

    • Why does AirHelp need an assignment form?

      Assignment forms authorize AirHelp to take care of all the legal stuff on your behalf. Without it, we can’t pursue your claim or send you any compensation.

    • Is there any possibility that linking my email account could compromise my security?

      Not at all. The protection of your data is our top priority. AirHelp has established security measures that comply with the latest EU regulations on data privacy. As part of this initiative, AirHelp’s handling of private data is certified by Norton, TRUSTe, Google and Microsoft.

    • Can I remove the automatic import feature from my email at any time?

      Sure, that’s no problem. Simply follow the instructions below, depending on your email provider.

      1. If you have a Google account, go to, select AirHelp and click “Remove Access”.
      2. If you have an Outlook or Hotmail account, go to Select “Edit” under AirHelp and click “Remove These Permissions”.
    • Which documents do I need to provide in order to claim?

      We need a signed assignment form, a copy of your e-ticket and, depending on the airline, a copy of your ID.
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