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    How do I know if I’m entitled to compensation?

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    • What are my rights regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19?

      If your flight is cancelled because of the Coronavirus
      You are entitled to:

      A full refund of your ticket
      An alternative flight (when flights are rescheduled).

      If you’re stranded at the airport because of a cancellation you’re entitled to care. That includes:

      • Meals and refreshments.
      • Access to communication.
      • Accommodation when necessary.

      At this point in time, we cannot accept claims for compensation for flight cancellations caused directly by Coronavirus, as the airlines must prioritise the health and safety of their passengers and crew first and foremost.

      This includes flights to and from any areas affected by a travel warning or ban.

      What if I don’t want to fly?

      If you decide not to travel due to the Coronavirus you should contact your airline to find out what their refund policy is, or to see if they have specific guidelines covering the outbreak.

    • Will I still have to pay if the case is lost in court?

      AirHelp works on a “no win, no fee”basis. So if we don’t win the case in court, we won’t charge you any fee for our services — that’s part of AirHelp’s promise.

    • Am I entitled to compensation?

      If you recently experienced a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight, you may be eligible for compensation. However, the laws differ quite a bit based on where you’re flying. Here’s a breakdown:

      If you’re flying within the US

      Flights within the US are only eligible for compensation if they are overbooked, you then are denied boarding, and the rerouted flight they put you on gets you to your destination one hour late or more.

      If you’re flying to or from Europe

      Flights to or from Europe are eligible for compensation if they are delayed, cancelled, or overbooked due to a situation they could control. Situations that the airlines couldn’t control (such as a weather event) are exempt from compensation.

    • Why does it take so long to get compensation?

      We do our best to make the claim process as quick as possible, but unfortunately, in some cases, it can take a while to get your rightful compensation. There are several external factors that could slow down the process such as airline response times, high claim volumes, dealing with aviation authorities, and possible legal proceedings. While we do everything that we can to push them to respond quickly, these factors are often beyond our control. We ask you to please be patient, and be assured that we are working on getting you your compensation.

    • How much am I entitled to?

      The amount of compensation depends on the distance of your flight.

      DELAY (at final destination after potential rebooking and/or re-routing)Distance
      less than 2 hoursmore than 2 hoursmore than 3 hoursmore than 4 hoursnever arrived
      Denied boarding*€ 250€ 250€ 250€ 250€ 250< 1500 km
      € 400€ 400€ 400€ 400€ 4001500 km < 3500 km
      € 600€ 600€ 600€ 600€ 6003500 km <
      Delayed€ 0€ 0€ 250€ 250€ 250< 1500 km
      € 0€ 0€ 400€ 400€ 4001500 km < 3500 km
      € 0€ 0€ 300€ 600€ 6003500 km <
      Cancelled**€ 125€ 250€ 250€ 250€ 250< 1500 km
      € 200€ 200€ 400€ 400€ 4001500 km < 3500 km
      € 300€ 300€ 300€ 600€ 6003500 km <

      * The compensation is due immediately and irrespective of any re-routing offered.

      ** The compensation may be halved by the airline in case the delay, after offered and accepted re-routing, was less than 2, 3 or 4 hours depending on the length of the flight.

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