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AirHelp PRO

  • Can I cancel my membership? How?

    Your membership terminates automatically upon the expiration of the membership period (1 year). You may also cancel your membership at any time, but without any refund.
  • How do I become an AirHelp Pro member?

    AirHelp Pro is now an invitation-only service. We’re pausing things for the moment, taking a step back so that we can take two steps forward, and get better and faster at providing the same instant benefits you’ve come to expect during flight delays:
    • Up to $1,000 in instant cash
    • 24/7 flight re-booking assistance
    • Airport lounge access, and more
    Stay tuned for more news from us about AirHelp Pro.
  • My flight was delayed and the lounge is closed. How can I use the lounge benefit now?

    The lounge access benefit is limited to those lounges supported by our partners and dependent on the respective operating hours of those lounges. If the lounge that you wish to access is not supported by our partners or is closed at the time you wish to access it, we will inform you of the lack of availability and we will be released from our obligation to provide you with access.
  • What exactly do you provide with your concierge service?

    Our AirHelp Pro flight rebooking assistants are available 24/7 to help you find an alternate flight. We will provide you with flight options, but we do not actually purchase the tickets for you or cover the cost.
  • I bought my flight ticket with electronic miles. Am I still eligible for the AirHelp Pro benefits?

    All flights are eligible for compensation, as long as they fall within the conditions stated in our Terms and Conditions. For more information please go to:
  • If the flight disruption occurred before I was a member of AirHelp Pro, can I receive any of the benefits?

    Unfortunately, AirHelp Pro covers only disruptions that occurred during your membership. Coverage begins 24 hours after the membership is purchased. You can claim the cash benefit up to three months after the expiration of your membership.
  • What are the payout methods and how long does it take to receive the payment?

    Currently, payouts can be made with PayPal or with a bank transfer. Once your claim has been approved, we will immediately transfer your money to you. Bank transfers may take up to two hours. Payouts with PayPal should be instant, provided the user has a valid, verified PayPal account. Refer to the PayPal website for more information on setting up and using a PayPal account.
  • My baggage was lost/delayed. Can you help me?

    Unfortunately, we do not handle claims for lost/damaged baggage. We are always expanding our services and hope to support these claims in the future, but in the meantime, we can at least give you a bit of information to point you in the right direction. For additional information on how to file a luggage claim with the airline, please go to the AirHelp Know Your Rights page.
  • If I paid for a membership in EUR, will the benefits be paid in EUR or USD?

    The currency in which you receive your cash benefit depends on the currency that you used while buying your membership. So, consequently, if you bought your membership in EUR, your cash benefits will be in EUR, and, if you paid for the membership in USD, you will receive the cash benefits in USD.
  • I did not pay for the ticket. Who is entitled to the AirHelp Pro benefits?

    You need to be an AirHelp Pro member in order to receive the AirHelp Pro benefits. It doesn’t matter who bought the ticket. The benefits follow the passenger that is the AirHelp Pro member⎯not who paid for the ticket. Fellow passengers without membership are not eligible for AirHelp Pro benefits.
  • What are extraordinary circumstances that make a trip not eligible for AirHelp Pro benefits?

    The following situations disqualify a trip for AirHelp Pro benefits:
    • Client never intended to take the covered trip
    • Client was informed of a cancellation at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight
    • Client caused the trip disruption
    • Disruption occurred when the client was not a member of AirHelp Pro
    • Disruption was caused by force majeure (incl. war or any act of war, civil disorder, riot, insurrection, acts of terrorism, acts of God, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, accidental release, escape or dispersal of nuclear or radioactive contamination; pathogenic, poisonous, biological or chemical materials; or pollutants, labor protests or strikes, bird or lightning strike, air traffic control air space limitations).
  • Is my boarding pass/invoice enough?

    Any document that provides the passenger’s name, booking reference, and flight details is fine. If your boarding pass/invoice provides this information, it will work.
  • Where can I find my eticket?

    Please check your e-mail inbox, including spam folders. You should have received the booking confirmation email from the airline or travel agency after purchasing the flight. If you do not have the ticket, we can accept any document which proves your presence on the flight. This document should consist of the most important information, such as the flight details, booking reference, and the name of the passenger.
  • Which countries fall within the AirHelp Pro coverage area?

    Covered journeys include flights with all departure airports and destinations in EU + Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, USA, Mexico and/or Canada. Please also remember that covered trips are:
    • Journeys with no more than two legs
    • Journeys that, pursuant to the travel documents, are scheduled to be undertaken during your membership
    • Journeys that are not gifts, perks, or otherwise free. It does not matter who paid for the trip, as long as the trip was not free (paying with miles or other bonus currencies does not disqualify coverage).
  • My flight was canceled and the new flight doesn’t depart before tomorrow. I’m stuck at the airport. Can you book a hotel for me?

    Unfortunately, we can’t book a hotel for you. However, we can check to see if you are eligible for compensation under the EU Regulation EC 261 or US Code of Federal Regulations. If you are, we can help you receive your rightful compensation.
  • My flight was canceled and I already received a refund. Can I still receive benefits?

    Yes, you are still entitled to the AirHelp Pro benefits, even if the airline has already compensated you.
  • My flight was overbooked and I volunteered to get bumped. Do I still receive AirHelp Pro benefits?

    If you voluntarily give up your seat on an overbooked flight, you are not eligible for AirHelp Pro benefits. However, if you do not surrender your seat in exchange for alternative compensation from the airline, but are still denied boarding, this qualifies as a Nightmare Disruption and is eligible for the corresponding AirHelp Pro benefits.
  • What are ‘Everyday’ and ‘Nightmare’ Disruptions?

    Delays of over two hours, cancellations, diversions, and missed connections are each considered “Everyday Disruptions”. These qualify for a cash benefit of USD/EUR 100. Tarmac delays of over three hours and denial of boarding are each considered “Nightmare Disruptions”. These qualify for a cash benefit of USD/EUR 1000. Over the course of a 1-year membership, you can receive benefits for a maximum of 5 Everyday Disruptions and 1 Nightmare Disruption.
  • What’s the difference between AirHelp and AirHelp Pro?

    AirHelp assists you in receiving compensation from airlines based on EU Regulation EC 261 and US Code of Federal Regulations. You can check a past flight from the last three years to see if you’re eligible for compensation. Anyone can submit an AirHelp claim for compensation under those regulations, no membership required. If we don't win the compensation for you, we will not charge you anything. If we win, however, we will deduct a service fee from your compensation. If the airline doesn't accept the claim and we think that they are wrong, we take legal action, (there is also a legal action fee). The fees, altogether, will never exceed 50% of the compensation. AirHelp Pro, on the other hand, is a membership program that provides its members with immediate help and additional travel benefits for eligible flight delays when they happen, (provided they have an active AirHelp Pro membership at the time). You must purchase AirHelp Pro (currently $19.95 for the first year). As a member, if you experience a travel disruption that is covered by the AirHelp Pro Terms and Conditions, you will enjoy one or more of the following benefits:
    • Cash benefit (USD/EUR 100 for Everyday Disruptions; USD/EUR 1000 for Nightmare Disruptions)
    • Lounge access (you have the option to pay for access to the airport lounge. Send us the receipt/invoice and AirHelp Pro will reimburse you for the cost)
    • 24/7 concierge service (we assist you in finding alternative flights but we are not liable for additional costs incurred)
    • Concierge service (we assist you in finding alternative flights but we are not liable for additional costs incurred)
    • Airport tax back assistance (the airport tax portion of your ticket is refundable if you are not on the flight for any reason⎯on average you can expect to receive USD/EUR 35 for short haul and USD/EUR 90 for long haul flights)
    We will also advise you on your eligibility for compensation from the airline on the basis of EU Regulation and US Code of Federal Regulations. You can find more detailed information here:
  • How do I submit a claim with AirHelp Pro?

    In order to submit your AirHelp Pro claim you need to log in to your dashboard using the following link: From there, you can submit a claim and upload your travel document. We will take it from there.
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