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Madrid Airport is the 8th best airport according to our worldwide airport ranking. Over 50 million air passengers travel through the airport annually, making it the busiest airport in Spain and the fifth busiest in Europe.


On-Time Performance


Quality of service

Flight Cancellations and Flight Delays Compensation


On-Time Performance

More than 450 flights depart from Madrid Airport daily. The average flight delay (>15 min) percentage between December 2016 - March 2017 was 13%, which is less than at Malaga Airport but more than at Tenerife Norte Airport. Barcelona Airport is the destination that receives the largest traffic from Madrid Airport. Despite the heavy traffic, Madrid Airport manages to hold true to its tight schedule, ranking 8.7/10 for punctuality. Over the last season, only 0.36% of all flights departing from the airport were canceled or heavily delayed (more than three hours). For delays longer than 3 hours, cancellations and denied boarding due to an overbooked flight, airline passengers are entitled to compensation under EU regulation. If you encounter these flight disruptions you could be eligible for up to 600€. Learn more about your air passenger rights when traveling from and to Madrid - Barajas Airport.

On-time performance for nearby airports

Compared to other nearby airports, Madrid's on-time performance Score of 8.7/10 is above average.

Had a Delayed or Cancelled Flight from Airport?

Between December 2016 – March 2017, 13% of flights departing from Barajas airport in Madrid were delayed or canceled. AirHelp assists air passengers who have experienced a flight delay or cancellation to get compensation from their airline. Simply enter your flight details for any flight that has been delayed or canceled in the last 3 years to check your eligibility. You could be owed up to 600€ in compensation.

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Flights from

Madrid - Barajas Airport is the largest airport in the Spain. It’s the 5th busiest airport in Europe, with more than 450 flights departing every day. Iberia, Air Europa and Ryanair are the airlines that carry the highest number of passengers from Madrid Airport.

Most Popular Flight Routes

Delayed or Cancelled Flight Routes from

As only 13% of flights out of Madrid airport are delayed or canceled, you’re likely to arrive at your destination on time. However, there are some routes that are affected by flight delays and cancellations more often than others. Here is our list of the routes that are most frequently affected:

Route Flights

Had a flight delay from in the last 3 years? You could be eligible to claim compensation.

Did you know that any delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight you’ve taken in the last 3 years could be eligible for compensation from the airline? Wherever you’re flying from -- EU, US or international, you have unique passenger rights for the region. For flights from Madrid airport, you could be eligible for up to 600€ in compensation for delays, cancellations or overbooked flights. Learn more about your air passenger rights when your flight has been delayed and what steps to take next.

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Service & Quality Ratings


Quality of service

Madrid airport ranks well for its Skytrax score, which is a quality performance rating of more than 500 airports. The Skytrax score measures each airport on a number of factors including terminal comfort and cleanliness, passenger facilities, and service ratings at check-in, security and customs among other things.

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About Airport

It is the largest airport in Europe by physical size along with Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport. In 2016, 50.4 million passengers used Madrid–Barajas making it the country's largest and busiest airport, and Europe's sixth busiest.The airport has five passenger terminals named T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S.

Airport Location

Located within the city limits of Madrid, it is just 9 km from the city's financial district and 13 km northeast of the Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor de Madrid, the Madrid's historic centre.

Getting around

Airport map:

Baggage Claim Issues

Baggage Claim Issues at

If you’ve lost your baggage or your luggage was delayed or damaged, you could be entitled to compensation from your airline. Learn more about your rights to compensation and what steps you should take when you experience a luggage-related issue.
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Get compensation when your air travel doesn't go as planned.

If you’ve been on a delayed, cancelled, or disrupted flight in the last three years, the airlines might owe you money for your troubles. Check with AirHelp to see if your flight qualifies for compensation.

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