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    How do I know if I’m entitled to compensation?

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    Air Passenger Law Featured

    • What are my rights regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19?

      If your flight is cancelled because of the Coronavirus
      You are entitled to:

      A full refund of your ticket
      An alternative flight (when flights are rescheduled).

      If you’re stranded at the airport because of a cancellation you’re entitled to care. That includes:

      • Meals and refreshments.
      • Access to communication.
      • Accommodation when necessary.

      At this point in time, we cannot accept claims for compensation for flight cancellations caused directly by Coronavirus, as the airlines must prioritise the health and safety of their passengers and crew first and foremost.

      This includes flights to and from any areas affected by a travel warning or ban.

      What if I don’t want to fly?

      If you decide not to travel due to the Coronavirus you should contact your airline to find out what their refund policy is, or to see if they have specific guidelines covering the outbreak.

    • My flight was delayed less than 3 hours but I missed my connecting flight. Can I claim compensation?

      For EU flights, the answer is most likely “yes.” Under European regulation EC 261, eligibility for compensation is based on the length of delay at your final destination. If your missed connection makes you more than 3 hours late overall, you should be eligible, provided all of your connecting flights were part of the same flight reservation, under the same booking reference number.

    • What are the extraordinary circumstances that are beyond the airlines’ control?

      The airline is not liable under EU regulation EC 261 and other similar air passenger laws if the flight disruption was due to “extraordinary circumstances.” These are scenarios which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken and include situations like medical emergencies, strikes initiated by airport staff or air traffic control, serious adverse weather conditions, and Air Traffic Control restrictions, to name a few. In addition, events that qualify as “Force majeure,” such as wars and riots, as well as “Acts of God”—hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.—also exempt the airline from liability.

    • Are delayed flights eligible for compensation?

      The answer depends on your flight details.

      EU flights – EU flights should be eligible for compensation if the flight and the delay meet some basic criteria:

      • The flight must be arriving at an EU airport on a European carrier or departing from an EU airport on any airline.
      • The delay must be greater than 3 hours at the passenger’s final destination.

      US domestic flights – Delayed flights from one US city to another with US carriers are not usually eligible for compensation.

      International flights – Flights from one country to another, even within the EU, may be eligible for expenses or damages resulting from the delay.

      There is more information on our Know Your Rights pages, but if you have any doubts or questions about your disrupted flight’s eligibility, the fastest way to check is to use the AirHelp eligibility check and enter your flight details.

    • How do I know if I am entitled to compensation and how much am I entitled to?

      You can check if you’re entitled to compensation for your disrupted flight(s) and how much are you entitled to via our Eligibility Check. It takes only a few minutes and is completely free of charge.

    • My airline refused to compensate me after my disrupted flight - what can I do?

      If you think you’re entitled to compensation for your flight problem and the airline won’t do anything about it, not to worry! We can possibly still help you. File a claim for your flight to see if we can get that compensation for you. We’ll even take the airline to court if they don’t meet their legal obligation to you.

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